Samantha Ettus
Founder and CEOPark Place Payments

Sam has devoted her career to advocating and supporting women in the pursuit of their dreams. In her quest to help women achieve financial independence, she launched Park Place Payments.

Los Angeles, CA
More About Samantha

Since earning her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard, Sam has become a best-selling author of five books, a renowned speaker and host of a nationally syndicated call-in radio show. Sam’s most recent book is The Pie Life: A Guilt Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction. She writes a popular weekly work/life newsletter and penned a Washington Post Op-Ed that landed in the top 10 Op-eds in 2017. She will launch and co-host What’s Her Story, an iHeart Media podcast on women and business in the fall of 2020.

Sam is active in causes relating to women and girls, is Co-Founder of the Los Angeles Women’s Collective, aimed at supporting women to run for office nationally and win and serves on the advisory board of the Forbes School of Business and Technology. Sam lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.

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