Peter Goldstein
Co-Founder and CTOValimail

Using technology to tackle hard, meaningful problems is a passion of mine. As is building small, effective teams of talented engineers to take on those problems. For the last 15 years I've put together top-notch teams and built great technology at a number of companies.

San Francisco, CA
More About Peter

I am the co-founder Valimail, a rapidly growing startup taking on the tough challenge of authenticating the world's email. We've developed new and innovative technology to effectively prevent email fraud, allowing our clients to protect their customers, partners, and employees. In just a few short months we've acquired an impressive slate of customers. If you check your inbox, it's very likely to contain a message protected by ValiMail.

I'm very proud of the team and products that we're building at Valimail. And I'm even prouder to be working at a company that makes a difference to people by protecting them from phishing.

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