Nancy Briefs
Co-Founder, President & CEOAltrixBio

Nancy is the Co-founder, President & CEO of AltrixBio with Jeff Karp PhD and Ali Tavakolli MD, an early stage company focused on advancing our lead platform: LuCI™ AJN 003, an oral drug that replicates the metabolic success of bariatric surgery in treatment of Type 2 Diabetes.

Cambridge, MA
More About Nancy

Ms. Briefs’ background includes 35+ years in the medical technology and digital health industry. She is a serial entrepreneur and has been an integral team member responsible for successfully developing and commercializing innovative paradigm shifting technologies with six (6) prior med-tech startups. In July 2017, Ms. Briefs was appointed CEO & President of Digital Cognition Technologies (DCT) which was founded in 2015 with the goal of bringing to market easy to administer and non-invasive tests to detect presymptomatic cognitive impairment. Prior to her work at DCT, Nancy Co-Founded and was the CEO of InfoBionic, a leading digital health platform for detection of cardiac arrhythmia’s. Having raised over $300M in venture capital and four successful liquidity events (including an IPO with Goldman Sachs) she has proven the ability to lead teams from concept thru commercialization and value creation.

She has served or serves on the Boards of: MyndBlue, HealthHelm, New View Surgical, InfoBionic , CardiAQ Valve Technologies, MDMA (Medical Device and Manufacturers Association), Apama Medical, Direct Flow Medical, Eleme Medical, and Percardia.

An entrepreneur inventor she is listed on seven issued and two pending US patents.

Nancy has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Golden Gate University and a BA and BSB from Emporia University.

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