Itay Malinger
Co-Founder and CEOCurv

Itay Malinger is co-founder and CEO of Curv, drawing on more than 15 years of cybersecurity experience in both the public and private sectors, as the company establishes a new standard for digital asset security.

New York, NY
More About Itay

Most recently, Itay was the director of enterprise security products at Akamai Technologies, where he was responsible for the company’s security portfolio strategy, launching new security products in the cloud, overseeing product execution plans, as well as identifying and managing M&As and partnership agreements.

Prior, Itay led a department within a prestigious technological division of the Israeli Government, where he was awarded the Israel Defense Prize for his leadership role in a groundbreaking technological endeavor.

Itay and holds a B.Sc. in math, physics and computer science from the Hebrew University, and a master’s in computer science from Tel-Aviv University.

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