Right now, countless tons of freight are stuck on choked highways across the nation, causing 433 million tons of carbon emissions from trucks annually. The average American sits in traffic for 8 working days of their year, and almost a million freight railcars sit idle every day in switching yards. It’s time to set freight free. Not in ten years. Not in theoretical models. But tomorrow and on the safest, cleanest system we already have - by bringing American independent and autonomous thinking back to our rail network. We must shift the $10.3 trillion of goods trucked from our roads to our rails, saving lives, bringing industrial revitalization, and reducing the environmental impact of trucking that comprises over a quarter of our national transportation emissions. Intramotev is ready. Ready to deploy a fleet of TugVolt self-propelled battery-electric railcars that can move independently like a truck. Deploying now in captive, point-to-point use cases, then rapidly expanding to the existing network of 140,000 miles of existing track in the US. Ready to bring the packetization that makes the internet hum to freight logistics. Ready to build on the legacy of our nation's transportation strength right here in St. Louis, the gateway from East to West in the US.
St. Louism, MO

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