Guy Zyskind
Co-Founder and CEOEnigma

I follow my own curiosity, which has so far led me to exciting opportunities. I was fortunate to lead the development of several start-up companies. Most recently, I was the Chief-Technology-Officer of Athena Wisdom (now Endor), an MIT spin-off focused on network analysis research and Big Data.

More About Guy

I received my B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University, where my senior thesis was selected as the best undergraduate project. Today, I’m a dedicated Bitcoin evangelist. As part of my ongoing work on blockchain applications, I’m developing a technology that enables secure (privacy-preserving) cloud computing at scale (see: Ultimately, this platform would allow researchers, companies and governments to make use of our data without ever directly accessing them in their raw form. I'm also teaching MAS.S65 - Blockchain Technologies: Decentralize all the Things this fall, which is the first engineering class about Bitcoin/Blockchain and cryptocurrencies at MIT. Other research projects include applications of machine learning and network analysis on complex systems. For example, how do trends form and evolve in networks? What can we infer from our social interaction patterns as measured by mobile and wearable devices?

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