Dave Pauken
Chairman and CEOConvoke

Named Chief Executive Officer in November 2010, Dave also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He provides overall leadership for Convoke’s business, strategy, and growth, and has enjoyed a distinguished career building successful businesses in various industries spanning more than thirty years.

Washington, D.C.
More About Dave

Dave began his career at Andersen, where he spent 12 years providing financial expertise in the technology, networking, manufacturing, and marketing sectors. He then served as Chief Accounting Officer for Snyder Communications, an international marketing and advertising firm. During his tenure, the company completed a successful IPO and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, growing in revenue to $1.2B before being sold to the French conglomerate Havas in 2000 for over $2 billion.

Beginning in 2001, Dave served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Washington Redskins, where he provided critical leadership and management capability as various businesses within that organization grew. From 2003 to 2006, the Washington Redskins was rated the world’s most valuable sports franchise. From 2008 to 2010, Dave was the President and CEO of Eka Systems, a leading supplier of wireless, smart grid networking solutions. Eka Systems grew to become an important contributor to smart grid implementation at utilities nationwide and was successfully sold to Cooper Industries (now Eaton) in 2010.

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