Danielle Morrill
General Manager, Meltano (GitLab) Former Co-Founder and CEO, Mattermark Investment Partner, XFactor Ventures

You may know me as a startup founder, angel investor, voracious reader, avid blogger, and lover of spreadsheets.

Denver, CO
More About Danielle

After the sale of my most recent startup, Mattermark, I decided to take a break from working a full-time job to focus on enjoying life in my new city of Denver, after 10 years in San Francisco.

I took a 10 month sabbatical, and it was a much needed reset. I am now the General Manager of Meltano, which is a fully remote data analytics startup being built within GitLab.

I co-author BuriedReads, an occasional newsletter, with my husband Kevin, and I am also a partner in female-founder focused XFactor Ventures, where we are investing Fund 2.

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