Carmelle Cadet
Founder and CEOEmtech

Carmelle is a thought leader and innovator in financial services, central banking technology and blockchain with the mission of providing everyone access to a digital cash infrastructure.

New York, NY
More About Carmelle

A passionate advocate for financial inclusion and economic development in emerging markets, Carmelle is the Founder and CEO of EMTECH, a NY-based Fintech helping Central Banks around the world adopt modern technologies to provide financial inclusion by design and develop resilient financial market infrastructures.

The Award-Winning company introduced innovative central bank solutions such as Modern Central Bank Sandbox to streamline regulatory reviews, accelerate fintech time to market and manage innovation risks effectively with near real time data. Further, Carmelle and her team launched “A Digital Cash Infrastructure For All” concept to address the underbanked problem by leveraging Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

With former regulators, technology experts on the team and as advisors, Carmelle is building a portfolio of modern central bank software that delivers a more inclusive and resilient financial infrastructure, especially for emerging markets.

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