Bryan Healey

I am a technology leader, innovation advocate, data scientist / machine learning engineer, and business developer. I have helped create and grow several start-ups, and have significant experience working with companies and teams of all sizes and shapes.

Boston, MA
More About Bryan

As a software manager, I am an Agile/Scrum expert, and follow a bottom-up approach to organizational leadership that maximizes developer efficiency while maintaining accountability, giving highest importance to hiring and training. As a business developer, I have experience in helping companies organize, formalize, fundraise, and prepare for growth. I am also capable of leading by example as a software developer and systems architect, specializing in data science and machine learning, including computational linguistics (NLP/NLU), predictive analytics, and deep learning.

My passion is in building secure, highly scalable, load-tolerant services that are extensible and easy to maintain. I wrote a book detailing my learnings from years working in early stage start-ups: Start-up Struggles.

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