Amir Tasbihi
Co-Founder and CTOGryps

Amir is the technical co-founder and CTO of Gryps, Inc. Gryps builds digital robots to connect and augment data from construction systems and provide decision makers with the fastest access to information.

New York, NY
More About Amir

Amir has a Civil Engineering background with a career focused on applications of technology in the construction industry. He has a comprehensive understanding of the industry and all suites of software applications used; resulting from his work with Designers, Contractors, CMs and Owners. He sold his first application at the age of 13, and designed and delivered over 20 different software applications on his own or in a team since then. Amir worked with the integration of over 20 different software applications in the construction industry.

Amir’s skill sets including software development, machine learning, data analytics along with rich experience in construction is a unique combination that enables him to rapidly prototype, develop MVPs, and deliver software for the construction industry.

Amir is a fast learner and his core competencies include creative problem solving, team building and mentorship.

In the last 3 years, Amir focused on building or leading teams in developing AI-Enabled applications.

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