Ahmed Elsamadisi
Co-Founder and CEONarrator

Ahmed started his career at Cornell’s Autonomous Systems Laboratory focusing on human-robot interaction and Bayesian data fusion as well as building algorithms for autonomous cars.

New York, NY
More About Ahmed

He then joined Raytheon to develop tactical AI algorithms for missile defense, four of which are still in use today by the US Military. Eventually he moved on to Raytheon’s Advanced Technology division to focus on building human exoskeletons — like the Iron Man suit but made of rubber because it’s way more energy efficient and not a fictional concept ignoring proper scientific practices — and algorithms for adaptive decision making.

In 2015 Ahmed joined WeWork, and over the next two years Ahmed built WeWork’s standard data infrastructure and grew its data team from one to forty Data Engineers and Data Analysts. After implementing a single time series table data model at WeWork and seeing the immediate results, Ahmed wanted to figure out a way to bring this new found knowledge to the world. Ahmed founded Narrator to allow startups to leverage this new approach, ask questions, understand customer behavior, and analyze data across all their systems from a simple Universal Data Model.

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