Our Team


Scott Switzer

Scott has a deep background in open source software development and has been founder/CTO of five companies with scalable technical platforms.  He was the founder of OpenX, one of the largest global ad exchanges that grew out of an open source publisher community.  He actively invests his time and investor capital in cryptocurrency communities, building product, technology, and community for projects that will grow into the leading next-generation technology platforms.  He installed his first Bitcoin miner in 2013, bought his first BTC at $200 and started investing in all types of cryptocurrencies in 2017.  Scott has been an active investor in the tech start-up scene and formerly has served as Venture Partner for FirstMark Capital. Scott is based in New York City and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Vermont.

Golden Retriever / Poodle Mix


Dedicated companion to the Switzer family.  Loves running in the forest and on the beach, and is well behaved until it is time to get into the car!