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Acquired by 3M in October 2006.


Acquired by International Rectifier in February 2011.

A pioneer in developing and implementing next-generation lighting solutions, Digital Lumens is taking a game-changing approach to the industrial lighting market.  With the introduction of the first Intelligent Lighting System, the company is combining LEDs, networking and software into a single, integrated system that reduces customers’ lighting-related energy use by up to 90 percent, and transforming industrial lighting into a powerful platform for improved control, efficiency and operational insight. The company is distinguished by breakthrough technology, a management team of proven visionaries from the solid-state lighting and distributed networking industries, and proven results from real-world client deployments.

Acquired by Cooper Industries in April 2010.

Acquired by Cisco in June 2013.

Acquired by PPD in April 2009.

MicroCHIPS, Inc. is pioneering the next generation of implantable drug delivery and biosensing devices for use in the pharmaceutical and patient monitoring markets. Our proprietary reservoir technologies include both active and passive forms and provide numerous product opportunities for our partners. MicroCHIPS, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts. The Company was founded in 1999 by Dr. John Santini, MIT Professors Michael Cima and Robert Langer, and Terry McGuire of Polaris Venture Partners. Our world-class team of twenty-nine includes the best and brightest scientists and engineers in the fields of drug formulation, biosensor development, materials science and microelectronics.

Acquired by HCA in October 2014.


PolyRemedy, Inc. manufactures robotic systems for the fabrication of nano-material based wound dressings at the point-of-care, allowing wound care clinicians to easily and cost-effectively deliver customized wound care on-demand for each patient’s unique wound.

Predilytics provides advanced healthcare analytic solutions to health plans, providers, and other risk-bearing entities. We transform healthcare decision making by revealing actionable insights on individual consumer health status and receptivity to engagement, and an organization’s ability to realize impact. This enables our customers to target their resources in ways that improve the health of their member population and improve their performance.

Acquired by Cell Biosciences in December 2009.

Sample6 Technologies is a dynamic startup company at the intersection of breakthroughs in synthetic biology, sensors, and data modeling and visualization. The company’s mission is to improve the health and safety of global consumers by building integrated systems that can quickly and easily detect harmful and unwanted bacteria in the food, healthcare, and other industries.

Sciformix is a US headquartered Knowledge Process Outsourcing company whose aim is to deliver high quality knowledge-based services using a cost-optimized global delivery model. The company delivers specialized services of the highest quality in global Drug Safety Data Management, Clinical Data Management, Biostatistics and Medical Writing. Founded by two experienced professionals, Sciformix's core team comprises of industry experts in drug safety, epidemiology, labeling, biostatistics, and medical affairs. Sciformix management has the unique combination of internal experience in global pharmaceutical companies and building organizations delivering specialized services from India.

IPO.  T2 Biosystems (TTOO) is a private biotechnology company developing next-generation medical diagnostic products using its proprietary technology, combining nanotechnology and miniaturized magnetic resonance (MR) technology to provide rapid, accurate and portable diagnostics.  The company went public in August 2014.  T2 Biosystems was founded in 2006 by renowned researchers including Robert Langer, PhD, Michael Cima, PhD and Tyler Jacks, PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Ralph Weissleder, MD and PhD and Lee Josephson, PhD from Massachusetts General Hospital.

TARIS Biomedical's LIRIS program was acquired by Allergan in August 2014.  TARIS is a specialty pharmaceutical company with deep domain expertise in therapeutics and drug-delivery, is focused on local minimally-invasive drug-device convergence products. The TARIS core technology and development efforts are being applied to disease areas with high unmet medical need in which current therapies or systemic treatments have failed. TARIS Biomedical has several drug-device convergence program opportunities focused on addressing those underserved disease areas through local delivery of therapeutics, with an initial focus on bladder diseases including Interstitial Cystitis (IC)/Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS).