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Consumer Tech

Flybridge Capital Partners teams with talented entrepreneurs who are developing innovative products and services in the consumer technology sector. From e-commerce to online video, Web 2.0 to payments, mobile applications to mobile infrastructure, our primary focus is on companies developing unique technology to address the infrastructure needs of consumers.

AccountNow, Inc. merged with Ready Financial in June 2011.  AccountNow has rapidly grown its reloadable consumer prepaid debit card business, to more than $2 billion dollars in annual transaction volume, by offering features and benefits traditionally reserved for customers with banking relationships. Reloadable prepaid debit cards were created for the estimated 40 million unbanked and underbanked U.S. consumers, but the marketplace is evolving rapidly.  AccountNow’s customer direct deposit usage is one of the highest in the industry. The senior managers of AccountNow have decades of experience in commercial banking, consumer lending, payment processing and marketing banking products primarily with Bank of America and Providian Financial Services.

Acquired by Tesco in June 2011

 Carnival Labs is the leading mobile brand accelerator.

With its mobile intelligence and marketing platform, Carnival Labs makes it effortless for Fortune 500 companies to manage and grow their audience relationships, through mobile content and communication tools. As brands seek innovative technology to deliver more successful results on mobile, Carnival Labs has worked with over 100 companies including OREO, Coca-Cola, Time Warner and DreamWorks Animation.

Founded in 2008 by Guy Horrocks and Cody Bunea, Carnival Labs is based in New York City and New Zealand. Learn more at carnivallabs.com and follow us on Twitter @CarnivalLabs


Cartera Commerce is the leading provider of multi-channel loyalty shopping solutions that increase revenue, strengthen customer loyalty, and improve member engagement for a range of industries including financial services, card issuers, airline and hospitality, and loyalty programs. Featuring an integrated network of more than 800 world-class online and bricks-and-mortar merchants, Cartera Commerce's multi-channel shopping solutions and flexible, on-demand platform power personalized online and in-store shopping programs for more than 150 million consumers. Industry leaders including JPMorgan Chase, Delta, Best Buy, USAA, Upromise, and Verizon rely on Cartera Commerce to build loyal, profitable customer relationships.


Codecademy is a free web- and mobile-based platform that teaches employable digital skills to millions of users worldwide.

Crispy Gamer Media acquired GamerDNA.

DataXu offers the first real-time ad optimization platform for advertisers. Unlike any other online advertising service, the DataXu platform values, bid manages, and buys ads on an impression-by-impression basis, across the ad exchanges operated by Google, Yahoo, and others. DataXu increases advertising ROI through automated, campaign-specific algorithms that process hundreds of thousands of ad decisions a second, each returned in under 100 milliseconds. This game-changing technology empowers advertisers to succeed in the new era of real-time bidding and data-driven decisioning. DataXu's executive team unites leading executives in digital media with MIT technologies.

Based in Boston and China, Dragon Innovation guides hardwareentrepreneurs at every stage of the product development cycle. Throughits proven process, Dragon Innovation gives entrepreneurs a clear pathforward to launch and scale their companies, so they can get their  products into their customers' hands. For more information, visit www.DragonInnovation.com.

Acquired by TeleNav in September 2011

Jibo is the world's first family robot, bringing intelligence and helpfulness with heart to the connected home. Founded in 2012 by Cynthia Breazeal, a pioneer of social robotics and human robot interaction from the MIT Media Lab, Jibo Inc. takes technology from user-friendly to genuinely friendly. Built as an open social robotics platform, Jibo's Skills will range from attentive companion to family helper to family communications hub, in addition to a world of Jibo Developer Skills to come.

Acquired by Marchex in April 2011.

Madeira Madeira is a home Improvement/DIY ecommerce retailer In Brazil

Acquired by SabSe in September 2009.

Acquired by HubSpot in September 2011.

Open English, based in Miami, is an on-line school created to reinvent the English learning experience.  Through live language instruction with native English speaking teachers and multi-media learning content, all provided over the internet, Open English empowers students on their customized path to English fluency.

Pitzi is a direct-to-consumer smartphone warranty service for consumers in Brazil

Plastiq (“PLA-stick”) makes payments possible, but we are not about payments. We are about payers – the people behind the payment. Yep – that’s you! Why do we care about you? (wow, doesn’t that sound nice?) Because, well, we know others don’t or can’t or at least pretend to but don’t really mean it. So we said “here’s a new, exciting option to pay for anything and everything “big” in your life – convenient, a la carte, fun, rewarding, and secure. But most of all, we’ve got some long term tricks up our sleeves. To us, the payer – you - represents a set of beliefs and values that we strive to understand and match over time. Plastiq seeks to make possible those connections to what you care about most - from education to travel, charity to church, music to the fine arts, or simply kicking back and enjoying that “free time” which, in today’s world, doesn’t always seem without cost.

Restorando is a provider of a free, online restaurant reservation system in Latin American. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the company currently serves restaurants and diners in 9 major cities in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.  For more information, please visit www.restorando.com or on Twitter: @restorandoarg, @restorandobra, @ restorandochile, @ restorandoco

SavingStar is the first national, fully digital, grocery eCoupon service, available for free at www.savingstar.com and on iPhone and Android mobile apps. There's nothing to clip, nothing to print.

Providing exclusive eCoupons redeemable at over 24,000 grocery and drug stores throughout the country, SavingStar’s eCoupons are linked to customers’ loyalty cards and offer a more convenient and eco-friendly way to save on groceries than paper coupons. SavingStar automatically adds the value of each eCoupon redeemed into users' SavingStar accounts, enabling them to pick their payout from cash to gift cards to charity donations.

Prior to founding SavingStar, CEO David Rochon and President Michael Libenson built the grocery segment for Upromise.com enabling eCoupons for its 13 million members who save for college. SavingStar’s founding team spun off from Upromise in 2010, and the company now also powers Upromise’s Grocery eCoupons.

SavingStar is based in Waltham, MA.


Valore is a collection of online education brands, including ValoreBooks and SimpleTuition, committed to combating the cost of college. ValoreBooks is a leading online textbook marketplace that serves the entire textbook market value chain, helping students and bookstores acquire and sell textbooks at the best prices. SimpleTuition is a private student loan comparison engine that has helped more than 10 million families plan better and pay less for college. The company has over 60 employees and is located in Boston's Innovation District.

With a team of some of the world’s best data scientists from Google and lending experts from Capital One, ZestFinance analyzes thousands of potential credit variables – everything from financial information to technology usage – to better assess factors like the potential for fraud, the risk of default, and the viability of a long-term customer relationship.

Acquired by Dell  in August 2007.