Previous Investments

Blackwave Inc. creates intelligent storage and distribution systems designed specifically for Internet video. For content delivery networks and media and entertainment enterprises, the Blackwave 8100 family of systems significantly reduces the infrastructure costs associated with rich media distribution.

Bowstreet was acquired by IBM in December 2005. The company developed an integrated portal application that brought together corporate applications, documents, databases and other enterprise information.

Acquired by 3M in October 2006, Brontes changes the way dentists treat their patients by enabling practitioners to perform ImpressionFreeTM dentistry. Brontes’ 3D intraoral imaging technology quickly and painlessly scans both arches of the mouth, thereby replacing the antiquated dental impression process. The company was founded in 2003 based on the research of Dr. János Rohály, Professor Douglas Hart and two graduate students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Eric Paley and Micah Rosenbloom.

Acquired by Tesco in June 2011, BzzAgent, Inc. is an international word-of-mouth media network that helps companies to organize and manage honest, real-world conversations among everyday consumers. BzzAgent’s innovative process, platform and programs enable the acceleration and measurement of word of mouth as a marketing medium. BzzAgent’s clients generate awareness and shape perception about their products and services via the company’s growing community of approximately 400,000 trained consumer volunteers. Since 2006, BzzAgent participants spread honest word of mouth to more than 60 million friends and family members

Founded in January 2008, Calxeda brings unseen performance density to the data center on a very attractive power foot print by leveraging ultra-low power processors as used on mobile phones, as a foundation for its revolutionary technology. Calxeda will make it possible for data center managers to increase the density of their computer resources while significantly reduce need for power, space and cooling. At the same time, Calxeda technology will contribute to the reduction of the CO2 footprint of the data center in a significant way.  More about Calxeda can be found at www.calxeda.com.

ChiL was acquired by International Rectifier in February 2011 and is a mixed-signal fabless semiconductor company focusing on delivering intelligent, high efficiency digital power products into the computing industry.

ClickSquared was acquired by Zeta Interactive in January 2014.

Crashlytics was acquired by Twitter in January 2013.  The company builds the most powerful – yet lightest-weight – crash-reporting solution to give mobile developers visibility into their apps’ performance.

Acquired by POP, digitalArbor provides onshore/offshore implementation and production services to the digital advertising, marketing, and content/communications market. 

Eka Systems was acquired by Cooper Industries in April 2010. The company is a global manufacturer and supplier of wireless, self-managing, self-healing Smart Network and Smart Grid networking solutions that provide unrestricted monitoring and control of customer water, electric and gas data; enabling utility companies to create efficient, flexible and highly scalable AMI, AMR, and Distribution Automation solutions while simultaneously enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Acquired by TeleNav in September 2011, Goby is a search engine focused in exploring new things to do with your free time, from taking a unique to vacation to creating this weekend's adventure.  Rather than hopping from site to site, trying to make sense of it all, you simple tell Goby what, where and when, and it surfaces the best results the Web has to offer, organized in a way that's easy to understand and use.  Goby is headquartered in Boston, MA.

Acquired by BlackBox Network Services.

Jingle Networks was acquired by Marchex in April 2011.  Jingle is the operator of the nation’s leading ad-supported directory assistance service 1-800-FREE411, has significantly changed the directory assistance market by giving consumers an anytime, anywhere source of free information on the phone. 1-800-FREE411 is for anyone who owns a phone and needs information but is dissatisfied with the high cost of directory assistance. Jingle Networks has changed the industry by creating an exciting new media channel through 1-800-FREE411. With more than 225 million annual calls, 1-800-FREE411 offers advertisers highly targeted and timely promotional opportunities to reach a large but targeted customer base who are ready-to-buy, garnering a response rate twice that of other direct response media.

Acquired by Cisco in June 2013, JouleX is the leading innovator in sustainable energy management systems for the enterprise. Its flagship solution, the JouleX Energy Manager (JEM), provides the Global 2000 and government agencies with the ability to monitor, analyze and control energy usage for all network-connected devices and systems across the enterprise, including in distributed offices, data centers and facilities. Importantly, JEM works without the use of software agents, dramatically reducing installation time and removing the maintenance burden associated with similar technologies. JEM decreases energy costs by up to 60 percent while ensuring availability and provides robust reporting that enables compliance with emerging carbon monitoring requirements.

JouleX was founded in 2009 and since has been distinguished with recent awards and accolades including Gartner Cool Vendor in Green IT and Sustainability,  GE Ecomagination Award, BT Green Economy Success for Future Award and Clean Tech Media Award. The company is headquartered in Atlanta with worldwide offices located in Tokyo, Paris, Munich and Kassel, Germany.

lighterliving is a lifestyle brand founded by Marjolein Brugman, a renowned health and fitness authority who has identified that total wellness is the connection between healthy thought, a strong body and an open spirit. lighterliving provides women with the tools, products and information to better manage the life and body changes that come with age.  The company offers intelligent education, sound information, and efficacious and safe products crossing all categories from food to personal care. 

Acquired by PPD in April 2009, Magen BioSciences focuses on improving the health and appearance of human skin. Magen pursues a science-driven approach to identify and develop novel therapeutics to treat a number of large, poorly served dermatological disorders. The company has assembled an outstanding science, investor and management team. The team includes co-founders of Idexx, Immunex, Alnylam, Momenta, Vertex, Biogen and Genzyme.

MOBIVOX was acquired by SabSe in September 2009. The company made it possible to call family and friends around the world for free from ANY phone.

Acquired by Oracle in February 2009, mValent tackles IT complexity and compliance with automation software that eliminates configuration management chaos in application infrastructure.

Acquired by HubSpot in September 2011.

Leveraging its portfolio of patented urinary protein biomarkers and clinical algorithms, Predictive Biosciences is pioneering intervention diagnostic assays for informed cancer management™. The company’s proprietary clinical algorithms, which deliver exceptionally high negative predictive value (NPV) and positive predictive value (PPV), can be applied to significantly enhance the performance of biomarkers and diagnostic assays. Predictive Biosciences is initially focused on diagnostics for the precise management of cancer survivors.

Acquired by Cell Biosciences in December 2009. Protein Forest, Inc. (founded in 2002) is a proteomics tools company located in Lexington, Massachusetts. The company develops, manufactures and markets instruments, consumables and software products to scientists around the world. The initial product lines utilize a new technology called parallel isoelectric focusing which is incorporated into the digital ProteomeChip™ (dPC™).

Reveal Imaging was acquired by SAIC in August 2010.  Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc. is one of only three companies to successfully pass the TSA’s certification process for automated explosive detection systems (EDS). Reveal’s CT-80 was certified in 2004 by TSA and deployed to U.S. airports to meet TSA standards to automatically inspect 100% of checked bags for explosives.

SpringLeaf Therapeutics is creating innovative therapeutic modalities to address serious disease and elevate the quality of care for patients. SpringLeaf’s technology is based on the convergence of materials science and medicine  and is designed to enable and differentiate therapeutics. SpringLeaf was founded based on breakthrough science at MIT and is backed by leading investors including SR One, Flybridge Capital Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners.

Acquired by Google in May 2014, Stackdriver provides SaaS solutions that help cloud-powered companies maximize the performance and availability of their applications. Stackdriver’s monitoring-as-a-service product delivers the flexibility and control that DevOps professionals need without the integration complexity and operational overhead associated with disparate open source components and home-grown tools. Today, hundreds of customers depend on Stackdriver to process billions of metrics per day for cloud monitoring, system monitoring, analytics, and automation for their applications running in AWS and Rackspace Cloud. The company is based in Boston, MA and can be found at http://www.stackdriver.com/.

Acquired by Tracelink in August 2009.

Acquired by AppNeta in June 2012. 

Launched in 2005, Tremor Video (TRMR) is a digital video technology company that serves the complementary needs of the media community. Our SE2 technology offers advertisers massive reach and proven engagement with their marketing messages in 100% brand-safe environments, while our Acudeo income engine provides publishers easy access to multiple sources of revenue and the ability to manage and monetize every video impression. We continue to push the boundaries of ad formats by introducing new engagement triggers and in-stream innovations to enhance the viewer experience and maximize ad performance.

Tremor Video acquired in-stream video ad powerhouse ScanScout in November 2010. Integrating ScanScout’s unrivaled brand protection and optimization technologies into the Tremor Video portfolio enables us to provide the meaningful scale and accountability advertisers and publishers have long sought in digital video.
In addition, the Transpera mobile advertising network and platform was acquired in February 2011, rounding out Tremor Video’s robust suite of advertiser and publisher engagement opportunities.

  Its headquarters are located in New York City’s Flat Iron district, with offices throughout North America and Europe.

Acquired by Citrix in May 2012.

Acquired by Dell  in August 2007.