Previous Investments

Acquired by IBM in December 2005.

Acquired by 3M in October 2006.

Acquired by Tesco in June 2011


Acquired by International Rectifier in February 2011.

Acquired by Zeta Interactive in January 2014.

Acquired by Twitter in January 2013. 

Acquired by POP.

Acquired by Cooper Industries in April 2010.

Acquired by Google.  Scalable real-time backend for web applications

Acquired by TeleNav in September 2011

Acquired by BlackBox Network Services.

Acquired by Marchex in April 2011.

Acquired by Cisco in June 2013.

Acquired by PPD in April 2009.

Acquired by SabSe in September 2009.

Acquired by Oracle in February 2009.

Acquired by HubSpot in September 2011.

Acquired by HCA in October 2014.


Acquired by Envestnet in June 2014.

Acquired by Cell Biosciences in December 2009.

Acquired by SAIC in August 2010. 

Acquired by Google in May 2014.

Acquired by Tracelink in August 2009.

TARIS Biomedical's LIRIS program was acquired by Allergan in August 2014.  TARIS is a specialty pharmaceutical company with deep domain expertise in therapeutics and drug-delivery, is focused on local minimally-invasive drug-device convergence products. The TARIS core technology and development efforts are being applied to disease areas with high unmet medical need in which current therapies or systemic treatments have failed. TARIS Biomedical has several drug-device convergence program opportunities focused on addressing those underserved disease areas through local delivery of therapeutics, with an initial focus on bladder diseases including Interstitial Cystitis (IC)/Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS).

Acquired by AppNeta in June 2012. 


Acquired by Citrix in May 2012.

Acquired by Dell  in August 2007.