Mike Baker, CEO
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711 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02111
Phone: 857.244.6200
Fax: 617.426.5971
Email: info@dataxu.com


DataXu offers the first real-time ad optimization platform for advertisers. Unlike any other online advertising service, the DataXu platform values, bid manages, and buys ads on an impression-by-impression basis, across the ad exchanges operated by Google, Yahoo, and others. DataXu increases advertising ROI through automated, campaign-specific algorithms that process hundreds of thousands of ad decisions a second, each returned in under 100 milliseconds. This game-changing technology empowers advertisers to succeed in the new era of real-time bidding and data-driven decisioning. DataXu's executive team unites leading executives in digital media with MIT technologies.

General Partner
Jeff Bussgang
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